Isudar PX30 Android 9/ Android 8.1  Or PX5 Android 9/Android 8  unite can be updated to Android 10. 
(It is not possible for B69 model!! )
The following are the updated steps and videos.
1. First the car radio should be turned on and connected with computer via USB. 
2. Go to the factroy tool, and open the file" Update" in factroy tool. 
3.  Choose the " Update" file and then start it.
4. Turn off the car radio,  and trun on it again with pressing the power button for 3-6 s,  then loose it, and immediately click the power button again.  
5.  Ok,After completing these steps, the computer will appear to update the firmware. Just wait for the firmware update to complete. Note: Pls connect device to PC with a short USB cable. ( The shorter the better, otherwise the PC cannot read the device). 
6. Here is updated file for PX30 and updated video
7. Here is updated file for PX5

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  • Updated!!! Works fine.
    I would like mention 2 things:
    1) You must have Rockchip drivers installed (google: rockchip driver assistant)
    2) Long-press power button and then short press booted me to Recovery, where Radio is not detected, I needed longpress power button to shutdown and then Long-press Power + Vol-. Then radio switched to Fastboot mode and flashed android 10.

    Thank you Isudar for update.

  • Hello, working fine, but is it possible to change the widgets on the home screen? I would like to exchange some for others and I just can’t do it.

  • Simeon Komsulov on August 08, 2020
    Thank you!!! My px5 work perfect with android 10!

  • Android 10 , give some changes for radio, or nothing special ?

  • When you be available the OTA file android 10 for PX5. So we can update via micro sd card by gps slot.
    Best regards

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