How to update if boot problem in H53 car radio?

By CollaboratorRouteApp LLC

 Updated method:

If the H53 device you use fails to open, and always be at the logo interface.

Pls update the system program !!

1. Connect " KEY1"  or " KEY2 " to ground, then update it.

Here to download the updated firmware.

Here is updated video for your reference.

2. After updating,pls reboot the car radio. Here is video.

3. After a successful upgrade, files may be lost. Click here to download and install again.


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  • h 53 přestalo komunikovat na nic nereaguje,odpojeno zapojeno reset a nic co stím,poradte 14 dní a je po něm to je pech

  • When will the update be added to the H53V model that has the same problem?

  • Which cable to connect “KEY1” to

  • Hi, if USB connector not available (installed on car, but radio in home for updated) -I may update from sd slot?

  • Comment faire pour mettre à jour est- mets comment mettre installe logiciel sur clé USB

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